Christ Community Gardens,
a ministry of Christ Community Church
Purpose Statement: To strengthen our ties and demonstrate Christ’s love to our community by distributing produce on a regular basis.
Vision Statement: To sustain a garden that will continually provide nourishment for the body and soul. 
Ways to be involved:
We need volunteers at this time completing phase one of the gardens. 
This includes, from within Christ Community Church, building vegetable beds, building pathways, installing irrigation, and constructing a compost bin. We need a volunteer coordinator and a distribution coordinator for when we begin to grow produce and give it away. 
Things all friends of Christ Community Gardens can do include:
Pray for the glory of God to be shown in and through Christ Community Gardens
Establish manure piles on your property (if you own farm animals). The best way to make this happen is if you will make two piles in a location that can be easily removed. One pile for manure from October through March. The other pile for April through September. Turn the contents regularly with a shovel or spade. In about October and April, we can move six month aged manure to the Gardens to incorporate into our soil. 
Procure gardening tools including, but not limited to; trowels, cultivators, hoes, hand pruners, watering cans, watering hoses, shovels, spades, wheelbarrows and gloves.
Consider becoming a “Friend of Christ Community Gardens” with an online donation.
“Sponsor a Bed” $120 will get a 64 square foot area ready to plant, but any amount will go a long way!  All money designated toward the Gardens, will be used 100% to complete them and sustain them. [maybe we can have a link to online giving here]
Christ Community Gardens Formation Team includes; Anita Gaudreau, Doug Roszhart, Jim Skinner and Sherry Hall. For more information about Christ Community Gardens please speak to any of the team or contact Sherry at