We are committed to having a God-centered vision for all that takes place in and through Christ Community church.

We have identified 4 primary core values through which this God-centered vision finds expression.

  • Worship – begins with a high view of God in the heart of the individual. Worship is a lifestyle centered on the glory of God. Thus worship is experienced and finds expression in all of life and shared through corporate worship.
  • Discipleship has both content and context. The content can be found in our statement of faith, the context is life. Following the example of Christ, discipleship takes place as we are intentionally sharing our lives with others. Discipleship is about being conformed into the image of Christ and it takes place from Bible studies to softball games and cookouts.
  • Outreach is the commission given by Christ to His church. Like worship and discipleship, outreach is our daily attitude. While there will be organized outreach events the opportunities for outreach are limitless. Wherever God takes us and whomever He brings across our paths provide us ample opportunity to point others Christ.
  •  Community – these are the relationships where worship, discipleship, and outreach find expression. God has designed us for relationships and we believe that the give and take of community is where we learn to practice what we preach.